Protectors say they aren't giving up.  

Solidarity actions in 2020 demanded construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline cease and vacate Wetsu'wet'en territory, however the resource project is still underway.  

RCMP enforced an injunction and cleared Wetsu'wet'en territory for pipeline project which sparked #shutdowncanada. The hashtag mobilized Indigenous youth and allies to disrupt the Canadian state says Tapioca Starch, who supported #shutdown actions in Victoria.  (Starch provided a pseudonym due to surveillance fears.) 

Tarene Thomas, an Indigenous youth  says it isn't just about the Coastal GasLink project anymore, instead #shutdowncanada refers to Indigenous sovereignty, land rights and opposing the violence that is afflicted on Indigenous bodies. 

Thomas was arrested for contempt of court for breaching a Supreme Court Injunction on February 10 alongside 42 others. The Vancouver Port Blockade was one of multiple #shutdowncanada actions in Vancouver and Victoria but one of few where mass arrests were made. Wet'suwe'ten supporters occupied the Cambie and Broadway intersection in Vancouver on February 11 but there were zero arrests made despite Vancouver Police holding an injunction. 

"Injunctions are a are civil tool used by a private party against a private party" criminal lawyer Michelle Silongan says.

"Police can decide to not intervene until they’ve been told by the civil party to step in. It might have been the decision of police to act differently, based on where the arrests were taking place." she added. 

Whess Harman, from the Carrier Wit'at nation participated in #shutdown actions in Vancouver and Victoria earlier this year. 

They added that they were one of multiple self identified Indigiqueer 2Spirit youth who occupied NDP Minister Melanie Mark's office on February 21, 2020. ​Harman says they occupied Mark's office to request she use her power to support solidarity movements in the province. 

The NDP Minister was unavailable to confirm Harman's claim or provide further comment. Further requests for comment were unanswered as of April 20. 

All 3 supporters were involved in #shutdowncanada movements until covid-19 halted further action. 

"The Front Lines'' will take you to the next chapter of #shutdowncanada