Savannah Erasmus.

Indigenous storyteller and journalist. 

Tansi nitsikasoon Savannah Minoose-Erasmus. 

I am currently a student in the BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism program. My greatest challenge as a journalist has been, "how do I separate myself from Indigenous stories and politics, when it has a direct effect on my personal well-being and safety?"


#shutdowncanada is an important story because I believe it sets a precedent for Indigenous governance across Turtle Island (Canada). I am connected to all Indigenous peoples across this land as a nehiyaw-iskwew. 

#shutdowncanada isn't just a website, and it isn't just about a pipeline. It has evolved from a resource extraction project to a story about Indigenous sovereignty, land rights and community. 

I am honored to have worked on this project and to have shared the perspectives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous protectors. 

To see more of my work head to my website.