Moving Forward 

"Pipelines are still being sent into Wetsu'wet'en territory. They are carrying on as usual."

Tarene Thomas

@tapioca_starch urges followers to put pressure on CGL to stop construction amid Covid-19 safety concerns. 
Dan Bierd, Vice President of Pipeline Implementation, says the company is being proactive to slow the spread of the virus while continuing construction. 
“We recognize even more so now that we have to work together and look out for one another. We will offer our assistance in support of local efforts to keep residents safe,” said Bierd.
Solidarity actions have moved online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic according to Tarene Thomas. 
"Covid 19 came at a really shitty time because it has stopped the movements happening in the streets." 
Tarene adds that Coastal GasLink is still operating and transporting pipes north for construction despite the pandemic. The resource company confirmed that pipes will continue to be transported to the Dawson Creek area until May 2020. 

Thomas says that she is trying to be as proactive as possible with sharing online actions.


"If and when this virus subsides, hopefully we will be able to keep raising awareness and protest in physical form all across Canada. Not just for Wet'suwet'en territory. For all Indigenous Peoples facing resource extraction and man camps."

Stay connected while apart.

Monitor for updates on this evolving story.